Land Development Planning Project Management

The creation of a subdivision was often the first step toward the creation of a new incorporated township or city. 

The Fahr Group engages land owners and municipalities to develop communities. The evolution of a community is ongoing and is guided by Development Plans and Zoning By-Laws.

The Fahr Group provides Project Management to its own projects and to that of our client’s projects. 




Crafting Authenticity -Designing retail space that consumers embrace

June 27, 2015 

Crafting Authenticity - An antidote to the homogenized mall

By: Sean Slater, ULI Magazine May/June 2015 (3rd Party Article) 

Take a location with some history, add the right look-and seek the right mix of merchants-to create a retail site that people will want to experience. 


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Fahr Group On Air CJOB|68 with PlaceSpeak

June 6, 2015 

On Air With CJOB|68 on Bold Radio June 6, 2015. Public consultation with PlaceSpeak: It’s important for everyone to have a voice and be heard. As your city changes around you, wouldn’t you like to have your say? Whether it's new residential developments, community Centre upgrades, or road construction, a community consultation platform called PlaceSpeak has developed a way for residents to be heard about changes in their area.

Colleen Hardwick (President, PlaceSpeak), Johnathan Fahr (VP of operations, The Fahr Group)

Host: Sean Angus


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Webinar - How Land Development Really Works

May 4, 2015  

Webinar Presented by InfraCycle

"How Land Development Really Works.
Honing Your Municipality's Competitive Edge"

Webnair - Tuesday May 21st 2015 12pm Central Time 


Guest Speakers: Johnathan Fahr, Fahr Group and Ray Essiambre, President InfraCycle Software


Land developers are the municipality's business partner in building your community. Like any relationship, some are more productive than others. When both partners participate in an open candid dialogue to understand each other's issues it strengthens the relationship and both parties benefit. 

There are many high level policies that govern land development that are found in Official Plans, General Municipal Plans and Official Community Plans. More detailed controls are found in zoning by-laws, provisions for site plan control and development agreements containing specific requirements for the development process. All municipalities have these tools. 

This webinar will explain the 5 most important characteristics of a municipality that entices land developers to invest.

Topics covered in this webinar include: 
• The most common mistakes municipalities make.
• How the municipality's upfront costs impacts the land developers choice on where to invest.
• "We are open for business" - how is this statement interpreted by the investor.
• What municipalities need to do to be truly, "open for business".
• What is the ideal municipal environment for a land developer/investor.
• The land developers risk assessment and why they will invest or not invest in your municipality.
• How you can improve your competitive edge. 
• How you to increase your fees while maintaining a heathy business relationship.
• Summary - 5 most important characteristics that will drive investors to your municipality.

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