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The creation of a subdivision was often the first step toward the creation of a new incorporated township or city. 

The Fahr Group engages land owners and municipalities to develop communities. The evolution of a community is ongoing and is guided by Development Plans and Zoning By-Laws.

The Fahr Group provides Project Management to its own projects and to that of our client’s projects. 




BOLD Radio Panel of Experts ...

April 15, 2014

Bold Radio Panel of Experts on CJOB Manitoba's Information Superstation - Johnathan Fahr along with the BOLD Experts..

The Panel of Experts is a group of business leaders from a variety of backgrounds. They are our “go-to” professionals who provide expertise and opinions from the perspective of their sector. Johnathan Fahr VP Operations of The Fahr Group has been added to the panel to bring a perspective of planning, sustainable growth, peacemaking and development to the panel of experts.

 Tune in to 680 CJOB every Saturday at noon with host John MacLise to hear what our experts have to say about the issues impacting the business community.


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Planning Insight 2

The Thorny Matter of Gentrification

By Kaid Benfield on March 17, 2014 (3rd Party Article) 

A few days ago, I made a presentation to a group of thoughtful and accomplished philanthropists on sustainable land development.  I made a strong pitch for urban revitalization and was countered with a question about gentrification, the messy phenomenon that occurs if longtime residents of older neighborhoods find themselves priced out of their own communities as those neighborhoods become more sought-after and valuable. To be honest, I don’t think I handled the question particularly well.

I never do, really, even though it comes up a lot.  The issue is just too thorny on all sides and, in most cases, racially charged, because minority populations are the ones who feel squeezed when more affluent, generally white, residents rediscover cities and move in.  I have a lot of sympathy for long-timers who fear losing control of their neighborhoods and, in too many cases, their very homes as rents and property taxes go up with increased value brought on my increased demand.  But, on the other hand, the environmental, fiscal and, yes, social benefits of revitalization and repopulation of our older, frequently distressed neighborhoods are so substantial that I believe strongly that they must continue.

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PlaceMaking at AMM Conference

The Fahr Group was at the Annual AMM Convention in Brandon this week with our topic Place Making what does it mean to you?

Great responses from Councilors and Municipal Officials.

 PlaceChart   The Top 5 Place Making areas were:



 People say that Community and their sense of Place is what is most important to them and for their community, place making can be a great tool when Municipalities are engaging residents in the Development Plan process so that organic community input is driven into the plan.

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